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Go back to school. Target will pay for it!

Choose from a variety of programs to help you reach your full potential and grow your career.

Explore Target's education benefit | Dream to Be

What you'll get with your benefit

Go back to school for less
Pick from a range of education options and further your career for less.
Made for working adults
Discover online, high-quality universities with top programs for working adults.
Support at every step
Get personalized coaching support from account creation all the way through to graduation.

Go back to school for less

Discover the affordable way to go back to school.

100% tuition covered for select undergraduate and master's degrees, certificates, bootcamps, high school completion, and college prep.
Up to $5,250/year for other undergraduate degrees and certificates in the Guild catalog and $10,000/year for master's degrees in the Guild catalog.
Books and fees 100% reimbursable for select schools within the Guild catalog, up to the program cap.

Made for working adults

Take the first step in growing your career with a variety of programs made for working adults like you.

Wide selection of education options.
Flexible programs—self-paced and online.
Top-ranked, accredited universities.
Programs picked for the future of work.

Support at every step

Get support with coaching from actual humans who specialize in your company, benefits, and education.

Create an account
Go to your student dashboard
Connect with a coach by email, phone, or live chat

Hear from other students

I am grateful for my support systems, whether that is Guild, or my family, or even my college advisors. I feel like I have a dozen people cheering me on no matter how hectic things become. I am not just a profile on an advisor's desk. I feel like someone that matters and that needs to achieve goals.

Your education journey starts here.Take the first step